Make your $100 become a $1 million asset

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1% a month for life – Turn $100 into a $1 million asset

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This is a simple method to leverage your money and is a known method but seldom used as people are generally impatient and also irrational when it comes to money matters.

If you look carefully at the rationale of this method, you can see that starting up a business and then managing it to the point that it can run on its own is the safest and best way to financial freedom.

A well run business is an income producing asset that will continuously provide a regular income stream.

In these modern days with the internet. that business does not even need to be a physical organisation with real live employees and craftsmen.

A good example of this is an AutoBlog that will churn out an income stream month after month after month.

Without too much effort, an autoblog can be set up to run on it’s own and be a self contained business selling to the advertising needs of online marketers. Once established it will give out a regular stream of income which could be increased gradually by several techniques and thus a regular income is attained.

Now let us look at how a $100 can be turned into $1,000,000 ASSET.

In this exercise we are not trying to turn $100 into $1,000,000 for to do that one would need to be very successful in taking several high risk gambles and the likelihood of a success with this is almost non-existent.

What we are doing however is to turn the $100 into having the same effect as a $1,000,000 asset. In order to do that we must first study what is the effect of a risk free stable secured $1,000,000.

It is universally accepted that the safest way to have a secured continuously recurring income from a $1,000,000 asset is to have it in a good bank on a long term deposit earning an annual interest. In today’s concept this would mean getting something in the region of maybe 0.25% a year and possibly up to 0.5% a year in today’s low interest rates environment.

So with a $1 million on deposit at 0.25% one will get $2500 a year or if at 0.5% it will be $5000 a year. This works out to between $250 to $500 a month

If you use $100 to build an autoblog to deliver $250 to $500 a month, what you have effective done is to have built a $1 million asset from just $100. Is this possible and has it actually been done ?

YES…it is certainly possible and YES it has been done.

At end of May 2012 this autoblog paid out $41.11 Bank deposit rate was 0.25% per annum. To get the same payout you need to have $197,328 in the bank for one year.

Today 1st September 2012, this autoblog paid out $159.63. To get the same payout you need to have an asset of $766,224 in the bank for one year.

Today 1st October 2012, this autoblog paid out $177.64. To get the same payout you need to have an asset of $852,672 in the bank for one year.
This autoblog was started with $50 in mid January 2012.


1% a month for life – Turn $100 into a $1 million asset

Select your investment amount on the right ———— >


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